Long Island firefighter killed in hunting accident

November 19, 2013 11:52:16 AM PST
A Long Island man accused of accidentally shooting a local firefighter during a hunting trip over the weekend could face homicide charges.

Charles Bruce, 52, of the Malverne Fire Department was killed after one of his friends mistook him for a deer.

The deadly accident happened in the woods outside the town of Westford in Otsego County just before 10:30 Saturday morning.

Police have not yet released the identity of the shooter, but we know he is a retired member of the Malverne Fire Department.

The district attorney of upstate Otsego County says while he does not believe the shooter meant to kill Bruce, he will be looking into whether to charge him with reckless or negligent homicide.

Bruce was a member of the Malverne Fire Department for 17 years.

He leaves behind two grown children.

Funeral arrangements are still being planned.

Regular deer hunting season started in New York's southern zone at dawn Saturday.