A New York Holiday: Watch on 7online!

Amy Freeze has the latest on New York Holiday fun.
December 14, 2013 5:22:52 PM PST
This is a great time of year to take the time and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of a city that celebrates the holidays like no place else. "A New York Holiday" hosted by Eyewitness News meteorologist Amy Freeze, takes viewers on a tour of the best exhibits from the iconic Christmas trees on public display to the Bronx Botanical Garden's Garden Railway and the famous Neapolitan Baroque Creche at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We'll also head out to the "Perfect Christmas Tree Farm" in Phillipsburg, NJ to learn how to cut down your own tree.

We'll have a roundup of holiday entertainment including new versions of "A Christmas Carol." And no visit to New York would be complete without a close up look at the famed department store windows. We'll check out some ethnic specialties when it comes to holiday food. A visit to Schaller and Weber in Yorkville is like a trip to Germany and a trip to Moishe's Bake Shop on the Lower East Side includes a lesson in the meaning of the tried and true jelly donut and the connection to Hanukkah.

For a new winter experience there's the New York bar made out of ice, even the glasses themselves! We'll also hear about the hot place to drop in for a hot espresso. Of course, we can't leave out shopping. We'll be front and center at F.A. O. Schwarz and see what kind of handmade toys you can pick up at the colorful kiosks that pop up around town. Plus the best and safest bets for charitable gift-giving!