Perth Amboy police shooting investigation continues

Jim Dolan reports from Perth Amboy.
December 5, 2013 1:14:44 PM PST
The makeshift memorial grows outside the Perth Amboy home where Dixon Rodriguez lived and violently died on Wednesday afternoon in a jail of police bullets.

"It was just 3 on a row," Michele Carrube said.

She took cellphone video from her nearby window after cops shot and killed the mentally challenged man. The acting Middlesex County prosecutor says surveillance video from a nearby bodega shows Rodriguez lunging at cops. They later apparently found a knife on him. His brother wants to see that evidence.

"If they do have evidence I would like them to bring it forward. If there is nothing to hide, it should be no problem with them bringing anything they have," Keioson Rodriguez said. "I don't believe he was violent."

Neighbors in the close-knit community are united in agreement. Rodriguez was a local and harmless fixture, they say.

"We all knew him. He never messed with anyone. You could go out at 12 o'clock and he would be here and you know he won't cause no problems," neighbor Joseph Nieves said.

"I'm devastated. There is no reason . I can't imagine why?" Carrube said.

"I don't know if they had tasers, if they had mace. Why not use a taser or mace? Why shoot him?" Victor Ramirez, neighbor, said.

A spokesman says most officers in the county do not carry tasers, adding the entire incident is under investigation.