New Muni-Meters smartphone app

December 26, 2013 2:12:38 PM PST
You will soon be able to park your car at any of parking meters in New York City without having to search for cash or your credit card.

Instead, you'll be able to pay the meter automatically through your cellphone using a toll-free phone number or online with a smartphone app.

The days of digging for coins or swiping a credit card into a muni-meter will soon be over.

Starting in early 2015, drivers will be able to pay for parking at all 14,000 parking meters across the five boroughs using their smartphones.

Naima Mohammed welcomes this change, saying she's tired of dealing with broken meters.

"It will be better more convenient in regards to not having to worry if the machine is working or having enough change in my pocket to pay for the meter, but nothing will make the parking easier in this city," Mohammed said.

City leaders launched a pilot program in the Bronx earlier this year and got rave reviews.

Under the new program, drivers enter their car's location using the identification number on the parking meter, then pay the posted meter parking rate without a surcharge.

The new technology also lets you add time without actually having to go back.

Rachel Lajara says this is a good environmental move.

"I think that having the new system on will be much better with the ecosystem. If you look at the street you see these papers everywhere," said Rachel Lajara, a driver.