Starbucks customers pay it forward coast-to-coast

780 Starbucks customers have been paying it forward by treating the person behind them.
December 27, 2013 2:38:16 PM PST
You don't need a partridge in a pear tree to see that the holiday spirit is still alive and well at a Connecticut Starbucks, where drive-in customers have been paying it forward, and then some.

So far, 780 people have paid for the person behind them. It is not the first time that customers have been generous with their joe.

Just last week, a Nevada Starbucks boasted 73 customers paying it forward, and in November, a North Carolina mother-of-two posted her Starbucks gift card on Facebook and Instagram, urging people to use it. Before she knew it, something special was brewing.

"Next thing you know, people are reloading it, they are paying it forward, buying it for strangers, reloading the card again," said Sunny Myers.

Java lovers from coast-to-cost soon turned Operation Red Cup into an internet sensation.

"Somebody's in Chicago, somebody's been in Los Angeles, Arizona," adds Myers, "a girl just got in, she was a missionary from Uganda, and stepped off the plane and got one."

All of the Starbucks Santas seem to know that while a cup of coffee only costs a couple of dollars, the reward for giving is priceless.