Newark house fire leaves residents displaced

Anthony Johnson has the latest from the scene.
February 7, 2014 1:48:55 PM PST
Firefighters in New Jersey spent the early afternoon battling a fire at a residential home in Newark.

The incident took place on Clifton Ave. just after noon.


The big concern was the possibility of the fire spreading on the block.

The intensity of the scene required officials to call multiple alarms on the blaze.

One resident in the home rushed out of the house calling for help.

The smoke quickly spread to the building next door.

The fire department had to deal with snow and water turning to ice while fighting the fire.

"Whatever we have to do with the Red Cross or whoever to make sure these folks are relocated, we're going to make sure," said Luis Quintana, Newark Mayor.

The city also plans on putting down salt on the roads to help the icy conditions caused by the amount of water placed on the fire.