Union City uses heavy equipment to clear snow

Marcus Solis reports on the snow removal along Bergenline Avenue
February 15, 2014 11:09:57 AM PST
There's so much heavy, wet snow that there's no place for crews to put it in Union City, New Jersey. The snow mounds are at their peak.

The mayor warned residents to clear the streets because they were bringing in heavy equipment to haul the snow somewhere else.

On Saturday morning, a small army of city workers continued to tackle the tough task of removing mounds of snow from Union City.

They're loading up massive piles of heavy snow and hauling it away to the water front in Weehawken, since there's really no place to put it in town.

"There was nowhere to park. Since the snow came, I've been walking and I drive," said Helen Edwards, a resident.

Three front loaders and eight dump trucks did the heavy lifting.

Crews are focusing their attention on Bergenline Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard, between 30th and 49th Streets, hoping to help out local businesses by allowing customers to patronize their stores.

"The merchants are suffering enough with this economy so to help them and make the main thoroughfare as passible as possible," Union City Mayor Brian Stack said.

City leaders sent a reverse 911 call to residents asking them to move their cars from these main stretches.

Refusing to hurt the little guy, the city is not ticketing people, just moving their vehicles out of the way.

"It's about time they clean it up. It was piling up. It causes problems for people walking, more safety guards. They're doing a good job though," said Francisco P., a resident.

"It's really good. There's been a lot of snow. It's not that bad. It's bearable," said Robert Torres, a resident.