Cuomo wants speed cameras in Long Island school zones

February 22, 2014 6:00:00 AM PST
Governor Andrew Cuomo is working to keep school zones safe from speeding drivers on Long Island.

The governor is asking Long Island lawmakers to approve requests to install speed cameras near schools.

The requests come from school districts in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Right now under current county laws, drivers can only be ticketed for speeding in a school zone if stopped by an actual officer.

Speeding near schools there can cost drivers fines from $60 to $200 and an $85 court surcharge.

The cameras would operate like the red light camera program already in place on Long Island.

The Suffolk County Executive's Office says the pilot program's first 20 cameras will go to large districts where speeding is a problem.

Cuomo included the proposal in amendments to the $142 billion executive budget being considered by the Legislature.