Rutgers students call for better off-campus security

Anthony Johnson reports from New Brunswick
March 10, 2014 3:30:19 PM PDT
Students at Rutgers University are demanding better street lighting and more patrol cars at off-campus housing after several violent crimes. One of those crimes was deadly.

Off campus housing may give students a since of independence but it also carries more risk when it comes to safety.

Rutgers is in the City of New Brunswick which has its share of crime but students are concerned that they are targets.

Their fear is warranted in light of the recent murder of former Rutgers student William McCaw. He was found dead in the backyard of an off campus home. That crime is unnerving to many there.

Rutgers Police say they have warned students and issued a statement saying it, "works closely with the off duty campus association to educate off campus students as to what they can do to lessen their chance of being the victim, such as walking in groups at night and immediately reporting suspicious activity."

Even in broad daylight, you notice the lack of street lighting. Campus police say they are doing their part and need support from New Brunswick Police to keep crime in check.