Jammed up website to help New Yorkers in legal trouble

Sarah Wallace reports on new website "Jammed up" which provides information for people in a legal bind.
April 9, 2014 3:33:51 PM PDT
A new website has been created by a famous New York City bail bondsman.

"No matter how you slice it, everyone some time in their life is going to be jammed up."

And no one knows that better than celebrity bail bondsman Ira Judelson, who's become almost as famous as his A-list roster of infamous clients.

He's bailed out everyone from Dominick Strauss-Kahn to East Side Madam Anna Gristina, to former Giants player Plaxico Burress. Now, Judelson is launching a new venture for the average Joe, a website http://jammedup.com/.

"I get a tremendous number of phone calls people day and night. Ira what do I do...where do I go?...What (the website) does, it's one-stop shopping. We're the home depot of the legal world," he adds.

The idea was developed by Bronx native Michael Falzarano, a construction company owner.

"Say you get pulled over for a DUI, DWI, It shows you the geographic location within 5 miles," he said.

For now, the uploaded professional profiles include lawyers, bail bondsmen and private investigators but it will soon expand to forensic experts, in both criminal and civil fields.

So far 200,000 professionals have submitted profiles, and hundreds are being added daily.

"People who come into my world, the legal world, are vulnerable and scared. They don't know what to do...when you get on to Jammed up.com, we will help guide you and calm you down," adds Judelson.

Robin McKinney told us she would have liked to have had the option of jammed up.com when she was charged with trespassing.

A mobile APP will be ready within the next couple of months. Users can book appointments and later submit reviews, all for free.

There is one more feature that will be added by the end of the summer, a toll-free 800 number that will be directly connected to a 24-hour emergency call center.