86-year-old man pinned by car rescued

Sandra Bookman reports on a man who became trapped beneath a car and the firefighters who lifted it to save him.
April 21, 2014 7:04:25 PM PDT
Fairfield firefighters and police officers depended brute strength on Sunday when they rescued an 86-year-old man who was pinned between his vehicle and the wall of his garage.

A neighbor heard his screams for help and called 911.

When they arrived, it took a group of first responders minutes to lift the Nissan and free the man. EMTs stabilized the victim, then quickly transported him to the hospital.

"It's our job, that's what we do," said Fairfield Fire Department Chief Richard Felner.

On Monday, both the Fairfield Police chief and Felner were understandably proud, but insisted the heroics were all in a day's work.

"Our job is to get the individual out safe and make tomorrow happen for him," said Felner.

Sometimes, however, getting the job done means finding the right solution for the challenge at hand.

"We oftentimes go into situations where we just have to adapt and do what we have to do," said police Chief Gary MacNamara. "Nobody wrote this out for them. They just saw a situation and reacted appropriately to save this individual's life."