No exams in Danbury, Conn., high school's new curriculum

Marcus Solis with the story from Danbury, CT. (WABC)
May 9, 2014 2:35:37 PM PDT
Danbury school officials are planning to do away with midterm and final exams at Danbury High School. (Information in the following story is from: The News-Times, ) (AP) - The News Times reports the city's Board of Education informally approved a proposal at a workshop on Wednesday night following a comprehensive study of the exams, and their impact on the educational process. They board plans to adopt the proposal formally at its next meeting. Proponents say students already are already tested enough and the time can better be spent teaching. Nine department heads from Danbury High, all of whom teach at least two courses at time, attended the board workshop to support the proposal. Principal Gary Bocaccio says Danbury High is moving toward

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