Alec Baldwin seen in handcuffs on side of 5th Ave; Was riding bike wrong way

Sandy Kenyon reports the actor was riding his bike the wrong way on 5th ave. (WABC)
May 13, 2014 9:09:44 AM PDT
Alec Baldwin was stopped by NYPD officers for riding his bike the wrong way on 5th Avenue.

Police say he was riding the bike the wrong way on 5th Avenue and 16th street and he became belligerent with police after being stopped.

In Touch Magazine showed a picture of Baldwin in handcuffs in front of an NYPD cruiser.

Baldwin received two tickets for the bike offense and disorderly conduct.

He was taken to the precinct and released. Officers say Baldwin did not have identification on him.

When police are issuing a summons to a person in New York who is not carrying identification, they are required to take that person to the stationhouse to verify the ID.

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LINK: In Touch Weekly Story

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