Dog rescued by Connecticut police after making mad dash across highway

FAIRFIELD, Ct. (WABC) -- Perhaps his name should be 'Lucky', because it is a miracle a little Terrier mix survived the morning commute.

At about 7 a.m., Trooper Michael Spry responded to some 911 calls of a dog roaming through the northbound lanes of I-95 near the Fairfield-Bridgeport Border.

"I got out of my car, hopefully he was just going to run into my arms, and I'd get him out of the highway. Unfortunately, he had other plans. He took off over through the lanes, all traffic had slowed because they saw the dog running," said Spry.

At that point, Trooper Spry had some help. Two of his colleagues, along with several drivers who stopped their cars, got out to lend a hand. The frightened little dog, running for his life, took shelter underneath a pick-up truck.

"Between all of us, we had gotten the dog out from underneath the pick-up truck, got the leash on him, and got him into my car, got him off the highway nice and safe," added Spry.

Connecticut State Police tweeted a picture of Trooper Spry and his backseat passenger as they drove to the Troop G barracks in Bridgeport.

Fairfield Animal Control officer Joe Felner arrived to pick up the male Terrier mix. He estimate the dog is 1-3 years old.

"This dog was definitely somebody's pet at one point. However, he's been out for a while, due to how bad he's matted, and how thin he actually is," says Felner.

The dog had no collar, and Felner scanned it for a microchip, but had no luck.

If you think this is your dog, you are asked to contact authorities in Fairfield, and bring along some paperwork.

"If they have any kind of vaccination records or vet records, that's a big positive for them, so we ask that you bring that with's proof for us," notes Felner.

If the rightful owner does not come forward, the dog will be put up for adoption eight days from now.
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