Staten Island woman suddenly attacked by neighbor while sitting in car, police say

STATEN ISLAND (WABC) -- A woman was just sitting in her car when she was allegedly beaten up by one of her neighbors in Staten Island.

The video is shaky, it's taken from a distance, but it's more than enough to see the violent attack, as the man in red yanked open his victim's car door.

"Once he had the door open he went wild," said Janet Grube, the victim.

And then he punched her again and again and again, stopping only after a Good Samaritan walked up.

And then, as the victim got out of her car, one more punch.

"He was just pummeling and pummeling," Grube said, "all on my face. Closed fists."

Grube wound up battered and bloodied. She is convinced that this all happened because of a misunderstanding.

The attacker, identified by police as 54-year-old Timothy Adrien, is Grube's upstairs neighbor.

She thinks he blames her for previously calling police on him. Though she says that just isn't true.

Whatever the motive was, cops arrested Adrien and charged him with third degree assault.

Grube says she's afraid for her life.

"I don't even understand how a person like this can do so much harm, because he's full of rage," Grube said.
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