Customer sparks chain reaction of kindness at McDonald's drive-thru

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi -- A single, random act of kindness sparked a chain reaction at a McDonald's in Mississippi.

A woman who is a regular at the Ocean Springs drive-thru offered to pay for the order of the person behind her in line Thursday morning.

General Manager Heidi Waters said that kind of generosity happens most mornings, but usually only involves about 5 to 10 cars.

But Thursday morning was different. Customers "paid it forward" in an unbroken chain for nearly an hour.

"It makes us feel that we're appreciated, even in a McDonald's," said Waters. "You know that the community appreciates the hard work that we do. It leaks out into the community, and it leaks out into our crew."

When the run of good will was over, 125 customers had participated.
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