12-year-old California boy eats pot brownies, passes out in dentist chair

FRESNO, Calif. -- A seventh grade student in California faces possible expulsion and drug charges for selling marijuana laced brownies at school. The 12-year-old said he stole the brownies from his older brother who has a medical marijuana card.

Police in Central California say one of the buyers, also 12, later passed out in a dentist's chair after eating them. A trip to the hospital revealed he was under the influence of marijuana.

The suspect told authorities that on Wednesday, he sold two of the brownies to his classmate at Sequoia Middle School in Fresno for $5 each to make some extra cash.

Police Lt. Joe Gomez says the 12-year-old was booked. Investigators planned to ask the older brother how the boy got the marijuana brownies.

School administrators found out about the on-campus drug sale after a concerned parent took her unconscious student to the hospital Wednesday.

Early Thursday, the young dealer was caught red-handed with a Tupperware container full of individually wrapped brownies for sale.

"Sometimes kids that are seventh graders are involved in the game and getting into drugs already but by looking at that kid he didn't appear that way at all," Gomez said.

According to the young dealer, his 25-year-old brother has a medicinal marijuana card and stores brownies in the fridge for back pain. The 12-year-old says he stole the brownies without his older brother's permission.

Parents of other middle school students say this type of behavior at such a young age is concerning.

"It's shocking," parent Raquel Aguilar said. "I didn't think that would happen here."

A representative from Fresno Unified School District said both students, the buyer and seller in this case, could face suspension or expulsion -- depending on the student's history of conduct. The boys will also be referred to substance abuse services.
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