Police say woman lied about dying mother, made 911 call to get out of speeding ticket on Long Island

Thursday, October 26, 2017
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N.J. Burkett reports on the incident.

ISLIP, Long Island (WABC) -- Many people will go to great lengths to get out of a speeding ticket, but one woman on Long Island allegedly took it too far.

It happened along Sunrise Highway, when she was stopped for speeding at 2 a.m.

43-year-old Alfreda Chaplin pleaded with the officer to let her go. Allegedly insisting that she was racing to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital where her mother lay dying.

The officer said he would escort her to the hospital and as they drove, Ms. Chaplin got on the phone to 911.

"Enroute she then decided to place a 911 call, give a false name, and say that she was the victim of a domestic assault, that her husband had a gun and dumped her off approximately around 46A on Sunrise Highway Service Road eastbound. She did that obviously in an attempt to have the police officer cease pursuing her, cease following her and attend to that call," said Commissioner Tim Sini, Suffolk County Police.

Ms. Chaplin was pulled-over again and arrested after the 911 call was traced back to her cellphone.

"The officer did a great job communicating with the dispatcher, ascertaining the fact that the call came from this woman and then ultimately pulling her over without incident and place her under arrest," Sini said.

Prosecutors say she later admitted she made the 911 call because she didn't want to lose her license.

She was charged with falsely reporting an incident and speeding.