'Absolutely awesome': Amazon driver's act of kindness inspires South Carolina man going through chemotherapy

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Amazon driver surprises cancer patient with heartfelt card, flowers
An Amazon driver with a heart of gold delivers more than just a package to one customer.

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. -- An Amazon delivery driver recently brought much more than a package to a South Carolina man battling cancer.

Carlos Pagan has blood cancer and is in chemotherapy. Carlos said from a recent delivery, the driver left the package, and then came back to leave flowers and a card that was signed "Antonio."

A week later, they say the driver stopped by again, just to check in on Carlos. The two met each other through the window. Carlos said he was touched by the gesture.

"For him, especially after he had delivered our package to come back so he went out of his way to purchase the flowers and the card and bring it back to the house," Carlos told WCIV. "What he did was absolutely awesome."

"He just wanted to make sure that whoever was going, undergoing the cancer treatment was okay," Carlos' wife, Denise, said.

The driver told Carlos he lost his mother and grandmother recently to cancer and wanted to do something nice.