Next stop for Amtrak's iconic 1950s Great Dome Car? Fall foliage in New England

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Sunday, July 22, 2018
Next stop for Amtrak's iconic domed sightseeing car? Fall foliage
Amtrak is bringing its Great Dome Car into service along two lines in New England this autumn, just in time for guests to take in the fall foliage.

This autumn, one of the most unique ways to see the fall foliage might be aboard an Amtrak train.

For a limited time only, the company is bringing its iconic Great Dome Car back into service on two routes in New England and Canada. The car, the only one of its kind left in Amtrak service, features domed windows on the upper level that give riders a panoramic view of changing landscape whizzing by around them.

The Great Dome Car, number 10031, will service the Downeaster line (Brunswick-Portland-Boston) from Aug. 11 until Sept. 23 and the Adirondack line (Montreal-Albany-New York) from Sept. 27 until Nov. 2.

Built in 1955, the unique train car traveled the country for decades doing regular service along Chicago-Seattle, Washington, D.C.-Orlando and other routes. Since it was last refurbished in 1999, the car has traveled various scenic routes on limited engagements around the country. It served the Pacific Surfliner route in Southern California last year and has also recently traveled the Hiawatha Service and Lincoln Service routes through the Midwest during the holiday season.