Meet 'Wilderness' director Andrés Vázquez

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021
Meet 'Wilderness' director Andrés Vázquez
Meet "Wilderness" director Andrés Vázquez as part of On The Red Carpet Presents Latino Storytellers Spotlight on LALIFF.

Bio: Andrés Vázquez is a first generation U.S. Latine writer-director based in Los Angeles. As the seventh son of Mexican immigrants and descendant of the US-Mexico Bracero Program, Andrés' filmmaking examines the relationship between work and identity and the dialectical process of people making something out of what their situation is making of them. His most recent films, Omolara and El Llano En Llamas, were official selections of the Bronze Lens Film Festival, Urban World Film Festival, FRIEZE LA, and the HOLA Mexico Film Festival as part of Tomorrow's Filmmakers Today presented by Warner Media and HFPA (2021). His script, Despierta, won the Sundance Co//ab Sound as Storytelling Challenge presented by the Dolby Institute (2020). Andrés was a Film Independent Project Involve Directing Fellow (2020) and was awarded the 2021 DB Frieze LA Film Award Fellowship, presented by Deutsche Bank, Frieze, and Ghetto Film School in partnership with Endeavor Content. Andrés is a recipient of the 2021 Kintsugi Spirit Artist Grant with the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC), under the guidance of artist Hirokazu Kosaka. His project FREQUENCIES, a multimedia documentary that explores the importance of holding communal space for mourning and meditation, will be on virtual exhibit in October 2021 with JACCC. Andrés is currently developing his first feature.

Film title: "Wilderness"

Synopsis: "Wilderness" tells the story of a father and son who contemplate life and the cosmos while stargazing on their camping trip. When the son is suddenly struck with a feeling of homesickness, his father sets out to comfort his son's longing by re-imagining for him what home really means.

Click here to watch Andrés Vázquez's short film "Wilderness."