Wolverine makes daring escape attempt from transport crate at Newark Airport

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
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NEWARK, NJ (WABC) -- Port Authority police were called to Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport Tuesday because of a reported escape attempt by a 40-pound male European Wolverine.

The wolverine had made a hole in his metal carrier, which was being carried in a transport van, to make its escape.

The animal was en route from Norway to Alaska through Newark.

Port Authority patrol units arrived and were joined by Port Authority Police Emergency Service personnel.

A veterinarian from the Bronx Zoo arrived to tranquilize the wolverine so he could be safely moved to a secure carrier.

The zoo also provided a replacement transport container for the animal once he had been tranquilized.

The owner of the animal (a representative from the Alaska State Zoo) was on scene and helped to coordinate these actions.