Introducing ABC News on the Apple Watch

Thursday, April 23, 2015
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NEW YORK -- ABC News gives you the world on your wrist. From real-time news updates with personalized notifications to live video and audio, the app keeps wearers in the know without disrupting the moments that matter.

Here's what to know:

Stories In A Second

Real-time radio on your wrist

Customized news updates on the go

Live video a touch away

These are the basics

Stories In A Second

Enjoy Stories In A Second - glanceable news that keeps you up to date with what's breaking and showcases the latest hand-selected stories in all coverage areas.

This curated list features audio, live video and a selection of "best reads," taking you beyond the headlines and deeper into the reporting.

A live video feature allows wearers to hand off from their watch to their iPhone to watch live stories as they unfold via the ABC News app.

Radio on your wrist

Get caught up with the day's top stories with real-time audio from ABC News Radio. You can stream right from the ABC News app to your phone, while controlling the stream from your wrist.

Customized news updates

When news breaks, personalized notifications let users know about the stories and topics that they've designated as important by simply clicking "follow" in the app.

When a big story breaks, the ABC News app will send an alert to everyone. Users can then tap "follow" to stay updated on the latest developments from the story as it progresses.

Save and Follow

See something that piques your interest? Click "Save & Follow." The story will go to your ABC News inbox so you can read it later and will also subscribe you to any future story developments so you'll always stay informed.

When Apple announced the wearable last September, CEO Tim Cook called it Apple's "most personal" device yet -- something ABC News considered when finding a way to bring news to the Apple Watch.

The result is a content-rich and tailored news experience that allows Apple Watch users to get quick updates and enjoy diving deeper into video and audio through a seamless hand-off from their watch to their iPhone.

Download the ABC News app here.