Deadly accident at car wash

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June 6, 2008 4:19:24 AM PDT
A hit and run accident at a local car wash left one person dead on Thursday. Police are looking for the employee who set off a chain reaction, hitting a car that struck two workers, before taking off.

The accident happened at South Conduit Ave. and 248th Street around 11:30 this morning in Rosedale, Queens.

Investigators said two workers were drying an SUV when the Jeep driven by another worker plowed into them before speeding away.

"They were drying the car, and the other guy hit the car and the guys," said Nathan Benjamin, the manager of the car wash.

Relatives of one of the victims showed up at the scene as police conducted their investigation.

"I don't know how anything could happen in a freaking car wash. It's supposed to be safe," one relative told reporters before rushing off to the hospital.

Olsten Kilkenny watched in horror as one of the men cleaning his SUV was hit.

"The first few moments were very traumatic. He was hit so hard that he probably did not have any time to scream," said KilKenny.

Witnesses said the worker who was driving the Jeep appeared to panic after hitting two of his co-workers. He sped away, ditching the vehicle at an abandoned gas station nearby.

Police told Eyewitness News that they know who they are trying to find, but they are not releasing his name.

Names of the victims have also not been released.