Eating raw to good health

January 14, 2009 3:18:53 PM PST
A lot of people use the new year to get healthy and get their bodies back on track. One option is a diet of just raw food. And that doesn't mean you can only select food in the fruit and vegetable section of your market. In fact, those who eat raw get really creative. And we met with two who are so passionate about the raw lifestyle, they're spreading the word.

The Organic Avenue Kitchen is a little different than most. There is no oven, no stovetop, and no microwave, because nothing there gets cooked.

That means everything made there starts raw and ends up raw, and that's the way Doug Evans has been eating for 10 years.

"I want to have the same life force that's in a plant in my body," he said.

He's such a believer that he's an investor in Organic Avenue. Denise Mari is the founder, and she's a vegan who several times a year embraces the raw lifestyle. Her company makes it easy for you to do the same.

"Soups, we've got juices, milks, puddings, even spaghetti," she said.

The pasta is made of zucchini, and the sauce is made of nuts, because there's no meat or dairy.

But the taste and consistency is pretty convincing.

"There's no limitation on what can be created," she said.

There are crackers, chocolates and cheeses made of nuts. And because nothing is heated above 115 degrees, the nutrients and enzymes are all intact.

You can buy items a la carte, or opt for a live organic vegan experience.

"Five days, everything you need, freshly delivered," Mari said. "Not just juice or just liquid."

The calorie content hovers around 2,000 per day. Despite that, there's a good chance you'll lose weight and your energy will rise, simply because you're eating such healthy food. And while five days won't necessarily change your life...

"If you start to add more raw things to the diet, you'll find you'll have less room for the other stuff," Mari said.

When Doug started eating raw, he dropped 34 pounds and never looked back.

"I feel so the best ever," he said. "It's ridiculous."

So if you'd like to try it, the five-day program at Organic Avenue is about $350. That's for everything you'll consume for five days.

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