Teen accused of plotting school attack

MONROE Police say the teen, from Monroe, was in the early stages of planning an attack at the Monroe Woodbury High School. His name was not released.

The police department began to investigate and, over the weekend, developed additional information that the threat of the attack was credible.

On Monday, authorities executed a search warrant at the teen's residence and said they found four 16-ounce bottles containing gasoline, items that could be used as fuses, a torch, a machete, a black trench coat, three propane tanks, two computers and several other electronic devices.

Authorities say the teen's parents were unaware that he possessed any of these items or of his intentions of using them in an attack on the school.

After the search, police say the boy was interviewed and provided further details about his planned attack on the school. He said he had been bullied by fellow students and that he had "a lot of hatred" towards a lot of the kids who attend that school.

He also said he was taunted for resembling the Columbine shooter Eric Harris, according to police.

The teen said he was trying to get an assault weapon "that could hold as many rounds as possible" which he allegedly planned to use on April 20, to coincide with the anniversary of the attack on Columbine High School, police said.

The teen was arrested and committed to a psychiatric facility.

Monroe-Woodbury Superintendent Joseph DiLorenzo said the willingness of students to come forward with information averted any threat to the district.

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