New city law requires bike storage space

October 18, 2010 8:26:25 PM PDT
A new law in New York City requires new construction to provide bike spaces for residents.

One of the things Miu and Teo love to do is ride bikes.

The 13-month-old twin brother and sister love to sit front row on the handlebars of mommy and daddy.

"We have two bikes, we actually have four bikes. But, the bigger ones we use daily," said Alex Signor, a Williamsburg resident.

That's why Alex Signor would not buy an apartment in a building without a bike storage room.

In some places, the bike rooms were cluttered or not finished yet.

"Obviously with two kids, you know, in the apartment we don't have that much room, so it was part of the decision making," Signor said.

He's not alone, in his building, 80 Metropolitan in Williamsburg, the bike storage room has more than doubled to meet the demand.

"We've literally had to double the amount of bike space. We had to reconfigure the bicycle racks so that we can put more racks into smaller spaces," said Stephen Kliegerman of Halstead Property.

Kliegerman said that part of the increased demand is because there is a new city law that requires new construction to provide bike spaces for residents.

While the new law applies to new construction, New Yorkers who live in older buildings wish they had bike space too.

"The apartment gets a little cramped," said Courtney Cipio.

Some buildings charge between $5 and $20 a month for bicycle storage.

That's far less than garaging a car, and an attractive perk to the estimated two hundred thousand daily riders, who prefer two wheels, to four.

"Anything that will support the bike rider the better," said Henry Ettinger, a Battery Park City resident.