3 rescued after barge capsizes in New York Harbor

3 people were rescued when a tug boat capsized off of Liberty Island.

April 6, 2012 2:16:32 PM PDT
Three people were rescued after a barge overturned in the waters off Liberty Island Friday morning.


Captain Mohamed Gouda's morning started like any other on board his New York Waterway Ferry but ended much like it did on January 15th 2009 when he helped rescue some of the passengers from flight 1549, dubbed miracle on the Hudson.

This time same water, near Liberty Island.

This barge had rolled over on its side and with it, tossed 3 crew members into the frigid river.

"The boat was taking on water pretty fast and by the time I got there the boat was 90 degrees," said Captain Gouda.

Authorities say the Katherine G was in place at the end of the pier, that workers were in the process of loading a construction crane onto the spud barge, which is a unique barge that features 3 deck pilings.

Something went wrong causing the trio of terrified workers on the barge to scramble for help.

Gouda and his team lowered this safety apparatus, called a Jayson Cradle, into the water.

Other rescue crews then took the three men, who were not seriously injured, first to Ellis Island and then to the hospital.

Back on Liberty Island, teams tried to contain whatever may have spilled from the barge into the Hudson.

As for the crew on board the ferry that seems to always be in the right place at the right time.

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