'Think Big' sculpture hopes to inspire New Yorkers


It's more than just a piece of art; it's designed to encourage people to "Think Big".

In fact, that's the name of the statue.

"Talk about an attention getter," one New Yorker said.

There's big and not so small, but this 12 footer stands out.

"It weighs 1,400 pounds, that's big," said Jim Rennert, the sculptor.

It impresses even the most cynical New Yorkers.

The bronze statue is Jim Rennert's pride and joy.

"This City of New York sets the tone for the rest of the country and I think that's why it's important," Rennert said.

It's located on 57th Street, just off of 5th Avenue.

Rennert calls his creation, "Think Big", and tells Eyewitness News it is a gift of inspiration to New York City.

"I just really hope it stand as a symbol, the human spirit, what we can accomplish in our lives," Rennert said.

It took Rennert and his team roughly five months to make the sculpture in his workshop in Salt Lake City.

Once it was done, they drove "Think Big" to the city.

Its posture, he says, is not a mistake.

"If we're thinking and thinking bigger than ourselves and looking for ideas we tend to look up," Rennert said.

With no eyes or mouth, Rennert wanted the figure to represent anyone.

"A lot of people kept asking if it's a self-portrait, I said, 'He's a little taller than me,'" Rennert said.

The statue even has a Twitter handle and a Facebook page.

Rennert hopes the city thinks big about "Think Big".

Although the gallery he works with gave him the OK to place the statue on their property, the city, well they now know about it.

"Looking at it now in the city I think I should have gone 30, it's such a big city," Rennert said.

Rennert is also focused on thinking big, hoping to eventually add a webcam to this sculpture.

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