Ben and Jubilee make a connection; her innocent joke sets off drama inside 'Bachelor Mansion'

ByJennifer Matarese WABC logo
Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NEW YORK -- This week started with the women talking about current "front runner" Olivia. Apparently she spent a whopping $40,000 on her clothes for the show! That's insane. Chris Harrison entered the mansion and dropped off the first date card for the week. It read, "Lauren B. The sky's the limit." Wow! Lauren B. will get her big moment in the sun and we'll see if a relationship can develop with this blonde beauty.

Ben picked Lauren up in a convertible and they drove off to the airport where they were going to take a biplane ride. Lauren is a flight attendant but she's never been for a ride like this! There's a big difference between a commuter jet and a biplane which is the convertible of the plane world! They did some loops and turns and I just hope no one ends up throwing up. They even flew over "Bachelor Mansion"!

Once the plane landed, they took a walk in a field where she jumped on his back and he carried her to a hot tub! It was so funny! The hot tub was in the middle of nowhere! Ben was definitely taking the whole bikini situation in as she told him that she would like to get her pilot's license someday. He didn't respond, he just started passionately kissing her! He said to her, "Dang it, you're cute!" He really, really likes this one!

Back at the house, Caila started crying upon the realization that other people would be dating Ben. She does know what show she's on right? I mean, crazy, get a grip! There are several other women here! She's worried about getting her heart broken and odds are she'll get her heart broken. Ben can only pick one at the end of the day!

Meantime, Ben and Lauren B. headed to dinner. Ben said that he's already feeling like he's falling for her but there's a lot of time left so he's trying to hold himself back a bit emotionally. They talked about how her life is simple, yet she grew up in a very tight-knit and hardworking family. He said that he couldn't understand how she is single, and she said that she's very picky and it's because her dad is just the greatest and she wants someone who will be that great of a father to her future children someday. Ben shared with Lauren B. that his dad had some heart troubles and ended up having a triple bypass surgery. He said it made him realize how in love his parents are and it made him realize that he wanted the same thing in his life for himself. Lauren told him right out that she wanted to meet his family, but then joked because she didn't want him to think that she was being to forward or weird. He told her that the day was a gift and offered her the rose. Of course she accepted! He looks at her like a man who's in love! He led her outside to a barn where Lucy Angel put on a private concert for them! They danced and kissed as Lauren held the rose Ben gave her. Ben says that he feels that Lauren is changing him and he likes it.

Another date card arrived at the mansion and it read, "Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Sushanna, Leah, Amber, Lauren H., Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace, and Emily: Love is the goal." The ladies met Ben at the Memorial Coliseum. US Women's National Team members Alex Morgan and Kelley O'Hara were there to teach them some soccer skills. The ladies practiced their head butting and apparently painful chest butts.

Jubilee cried back at the house about how she didn't think she's going to get a date with Ben because she's not his "type". She thinks that he likes the really nice and uncomplicated girls. The crying went on for a really long time. Ugh.

Chris Harrison showed up in his soccer attire to tell the women that they would be breaking up into two teams to play each other in a soccer game. Only the winning team would get to attend the "after party". Emily was the goalie and she was amazing at it! She was diving and blocking like a pro! Ben was shocked at how intense the game got between the women. Rachel fell down during sudden death and started to cry, but got back up and kept playing. The stripes team with Amber, Leah, Jami, Lace, Haley, Olivia, and Leah were on the winning team.

At the after party, Olivia interrupted Ben talking and she grabbed him away. She yelled hello to the ladies below from the balcony where she went to talk to Ben just to mess with the other ladies' heads. Ben told Olivia that he likes her and not to read too much into the fact that she didn't get a one-on-one and that he thinks she can handle it. She said she understood and just wanted him to know she's in it, so that's why she stole him away to chat right away. They ended up kissing. Haley meantime told everyone that her toes are weird, she has fake breasts, and that she has bad breath. Jami told Olivia about what the other women said and all she could say back is "perfection is so lame, so lame."

Back at the house, Rachel got carried back into the house after she hurt her leg. Sushanna also sat down in a bathroom for some reason. A date card arrived at the house and it said, "Jubilee (she immediately rejoiced!) Love is in the air." Jojo and Becca were bummed that they weren't included on any dates this week.

On the group date, Ben kissed Amber during their one-on-one chat, and she said "thank you". That was a bit awkward! Ben picked up the group date rose and decided to give it to her! I was shocked! It will be interesting to see if this time around she gets further in the process than Becca who came in 2nd with Chris Soules.

Ben showed up the next day to go on his date with Jubilee and she completely rubbed it in the rest of their faces by saying "Who else wants to go on my date?" What? The other women looking on were horrified by her comment. They rode away on a helicopter to a health spa that looks like a castle! They ate caviar and she almost gagged and she admitted to Ben that her favorite food is hotdogs. She told him that she couldn't believe that her name was on the date card and he was shocked that she felt that way. He likes her and says that he's intrigued by her. They played shuffleboard for kisses! She strutted out in her bikini and he said, "Oww, oww!" at her in a cute way. Earlier in the day, he had laughed at a joke where she called him a "white boy" and she wanted to check that he was comfortable. He said that he feels like she allows him to be herself. She nearly ate his face off when they were kissing in the pool though! They seemed to have a lot of fun together.

Later, they had dinner and he pressed her on the fact that she didn't want to go back to Haiti. Jubilee says she has a love/hate relationship with her past. She feels that she's come out in the end ok and she just always knows that she needs to go back with someone special. She doesn't want to do it by herself and she has the same fear of being unlovable. Her entire family died except for her, so she deals with a lot of guilt over this. Wow, this just got extremely serious. Ben said that after just knowing her for a couple weeks she's done amazing things in life to bring her to the place that she is now and that she's got a lot of depth to her and he wants to know those layers. He's surprised that she's willing to talk about all of those things with him and he likes that. He pulled out the date rose and offered it to her. Jubilee said yes through her tears! She sat on his lap and he hugged her. He said that he could see himself falling in love with Jubilee!

Inside the house, Jubilee was back sleeping and the other ladies were still upset about the comments that she made as she left for her date. They were all, of course, hoping that Ben wouldn't give her the date rose, but he did! Ben walked in for the cocktail party and he told everyone that he got a call that two people that are close to his family died in a plane crash the other night. He fought back tears as he said that he's a little down, but he still wanted to get through the night. Olivia jumped in right away AGAIN and led him away to talk. Instead of saying that she's so sorry for his loss, she just talked about her cankles and toes. Seriously? Ben was very put off by this!

Amanda meantime, told him just what he wanted to hear and tried her best to comfort him. The other women talked about how it was so silly for them to talk about all of the nonsense in the house when Ben is going through something that's hard for him.

Jubilee felt really sad for Ben and sat and tried to think about what she could say to him. She found him, and she asked him if he trusted her. So led him to a massage table to help him relax! The other women were furious that she was taking their precious time with Ben. They were so upset, but really I give Jubilee the benefit of the doubt and think that she really just wanted to give him some comfort. Jami interrupted their time, and he even said it was his favorite thing (getting a massage) in front of Jami!

Amber went out to confront Jubilee about spending more time with Ben. She told Jubilee to come talk to the other girls and she refused, so Amber gathered up the other girls to come and talk to her. Jubilee said she didn't want any part of their drama, which is why she didn't want to go back into the room. She went up into a bathroom where she was hiding out. She told them all to leave her the *expletive* alone. Ben went up to see what was wrong, and Lace was upset that she didn't get any time to talk to Ben that night because he was "wasting" more time dealing with this situation. Amber butted her way in and just tried to say that she wanted to talk to her as Jubilee sobbed onto Ben's coat. It was horrible. I mean, why does Amber even care? She has a rose also already!

As Ben sat back down and breathed a sigh, Lace asked him to go talk. That is the last thing this guy needs tonight. She just talked about how she needs to do a lot of work on herself and how going home might make it easier for him. "You can't love someone else until you truly love yourself," Lace said that her tattoo said. She says that the connection just wasn't there. So Ben offered her a hug, and Lace left! She self-destructed! Ben said that he was always trying to get to know her, but that this experience "just wasn't for her".

Ben gave out his remaining roses to:

1) Lauren H.

2) Amanda

3) Becca

4) Haley

5) Emily

6) Rachel

7) Caila

8) Jojo

9) Jennifer

10) Leah

11) Olivia

You didn't think we'd be rid of Olivia that easy did you? No way, she will probably have some kind of big blow up of some sort (we can hope). Sushanna and Jami were eliminated. Jami resolved to start adopting cats instead of trusting humans.

Next week, Ben and his remaining 14 women will head to Las Vegas. The situation between the ladies and Olivia will come to a breaking point and she even has a panic attack!