#Baonanas innovative take on banana pudding with over 20 different mousse flavors

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey -- A Jersey City company has cooked up an innovative take on banana pudding, with over 20 different mousse flavors.

"This is a brand new way to dessert. We like to think the cronut was invented in NYC and #Baonanas was invented here in Jersey City," said Lloyd Ortuoste, owner of #Baonanas.

The venture, which began as a fundraiser between family and friends, to raise money after their car fell victim to a fender bender back in 2014, has turned into a flavorful go-to experience for dessert lovers in the tri-state area.

Using Leche flan, the Filipino version of creme caramel, instead of regular boxed jello, Lloyd and his girlfriend Trisha Villanueva have been able to develop innovative flavors and a fluffy mousse texture.

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#Baonanas infuses its fluffy banana mousse with homemade purple yam or Ube, lychees, strawberries, and peach-mango chutney, all made from scratch.

"One thing we are doing differently at #Baonanas is that we are taking our Filipino roots and really using that to make this new take on dessert," said Ortuoste.

Their mission to spread love through their innovative flavors, using quality ingredients, has allowed #Baonanas to expand and offer their dessert at food festivals and catering experiences.

"It's not ice cream and not even banana pudding. Simply put its #Baonanas," said Ortuoste.


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