High school student says nude pics posted online as retaliation for fight

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015
HS student says bully posted naked photos online
A Bolingbrook High School student and her mother say the school isn't addressing an alleged case of bullying that started at school.

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. -- An Illinois high school student and her mother say the school isn't addressing an alleged case of bullying that started at school then spread to the Internet.

Bolingbrook police confirm they are investigating this case, which allegedly involves naked photos of a female student being posted online. Now, the teen and her mother are speaking out about the dangers of sexting.

Diane Burley, 15, said it began with a friendship that turned into an online feud.

"They wanted me to hurt, I guess. They wanted me to, I don't know. They wanted to humiliate me," Burley said.

Burley and her mother spoke to ABC7 after contacting police and administrators at Bolingbrook High School.

"These kids need to receive consequences for the wrongdoings that they're doing by trying to ridicule these children online," said Melissa Agunloye, Burley's mother.

Burley said it all started last week when she and another female student got into a physical fight in a classroom. She and the other girl were suspended, Burley said. But the other student - who used to be a friend - allegedly began making threats to her online. And then over the weekend, Burley said naked photos of her were posted online by the girl.

"I was just shocked, I guess I could say that. I was shocked," Burley said.

"All of this is happening, and I'm just like why? You know, why?" Agunloye said.

Burley said she believes the photos came from an ex-boyfriend with whom she'd been sexting with several months ago. That boy, she says, knows the girl she'd been feuding with.

"I told, like, why? I'm just finding out about this two days ago. I'm still in disbelief," Agunloye said.

Before this incident, Burley's mother says she asked Bolingbrook High School administrators to separate her daughter from that other student, but nothing was done. In a statement, the school said it couldn't comment on the case but said it takes all reports of bullying seriously.