'Saucy nugs:' Man pleas to city council to rename boneless chicken wings

Thursday, September 3, 2020
'Saucy nugs:' Man goes viral over boneless chicken wings plea
WATCH: A heated argument for what one man says could be a great bipartisan presidential campaign: Are boneless chicken wings really just saucy chicken tenders?

LINCOLN, Nebraska -- A Nebraska man has a bone to pick with "boneless chicken wings," and he took his complaint all the way to city council.

Ander Christensen says he may even use his boneless chicken wings dilemma as his platform for a presidential run.

"I feel like it's just been a lie that's been going on for too long," Ander told KOLN.

It's a topic he's thought about for weeks, after eating what he calls the "proper" chicken wings.

Now, he's calling on city officials to take action.

Ander's qualm? "Boneless" wings are nothing more than a chicken tender.

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"Boneless chicken wings? Unless you're going to strap those things to the side of a jet you can not call them a wing," Ander said. "They are a chicken tender with sauce. Saucy 'nugs' at best."

"I knew whatever he was going to say was going to be interesting to say the least," Lincoln City Councilman Roy Christensen said.

Roy is not only a Lincoln city council member, but also Ander's dad.

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"The thing I like most about it is he did the whole thing with a straight face," Roy recalled.

Ander's speech in front of the city council about renaming boneless chicken wings went viral.

He's gained the support of many across the country, but some still oppose his hot take.

Buffalo Wild Wings said if Ander admits he's wrong about boneless wings, they'll "hook him up."

"I am not in the pocket of big chicken," Ander said. "There are big companies, big wing companies, I'm not going to use their names, but have actively put out 'wanted' signs for me for saying 'slander.'"

Ander says he is not stopping with local officials, as he wants to take his movement nationwide.

"I am going to start a committee to check the prospects of running for president because we need a candidate that's bipartisan that people can get behind," Ander said.

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