'Book a Tailor' lets you order custom made shirts and suits on the go

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Lauren Glassberg has the story of a tailor with his own mobile storefront that's giving New Yorkers a convenient new way to order clothes.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- You see some crazy things on New York City streets, but a mobile tailor is pretty unusual.

Andrew Bennett is getting measured for a custom suit; he's even picking out his fabric.

While there's nothing new about tailors making house or office calls, a mobile store front is new.

"We had a kiosk in the mall, and I realized that no one was walking by it, I was there an hour, and I thought, how can I pick up the kiosk and move it somewhere else, put it somewhere else. So there's no way to do that except with a car you can do that," said Jacomo Hakim, the found of "Book a Tailor".

26-year-old Hakim is tapping into the way New Yorkers work: very quickly.

"They want convenience, speed, it's essentially what we are delivering to them with this car over here," Hakim said.

"We're fast, on the go, so I think it's a pretty cool concept," Bennett said.

Hakim has a small fleet of smart cars.

An app allows you to find the car's location or get one to visit you.

The products in the back of the cars are the same as in his showrooms.

"Either the sale is made there on the street, or they invite a tailor to their office, or they visit a local showroom," Hakim said.

A pair of custom made shirts start at $99 and a suit starts at $459.

He's also just launched women's clothes as well, including overcoats.

Everything is computerized, measurements taken there are sent to Thailand where the garments are made.

"We have over 100 master tailors who work there," Hakim said.

The turnaround time is just four weeks for any item, suit, shirt, or overcoat, so order now and you'll have it by the end of the year.

For more information please visit: http://www.bookatailor.com/