Long Island couple creates custom-made obstacle courses for backyards of any size

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Friday, July 24, 2020
Couple creates custom-made obstacle courses for backyards
Born Again Backyards is helping families get back outside by creating custom-made obstacle courses for kids to play on.

EAST NORTHPORT, New York -- Families across the country have had to cancel vacations, reschedule birthday parties, and try to keep their children busy during the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to staying inside the house, there is only so much a family can do.

Many have broken out board games or have even put together a few puzzles, but before you know it, everyone is looking for something to do again.

Long Island's Kristi Daly and her husband Joe noticed their kids loved playing outside on their homemade obstacle course and figured other families could benefit from this as well.

As soon as you walk into the backyard of the Daly's home in East Northport, you see a wide range of obstacle equipment. However, this is not just any ordinary obstacle equipment, it's homemade.

With monkey bars on the left and a ring swing on the right, they decided to take a chance and start selling their custom-made obstacles for families all across Long Island to enjoy.

"It was starting to get nicer out so we knew people could get back to their backyard," said Kristi. "We just thought, let's see what the response is, and once we saw that first response we knew it was going to be big."

They founded Born Again Backyards from their home where the whole process of constructing and building the obstacles takes place.

Whether it is sawing the wood to put together the "ninja wall" or having, their three kids help paint the finished products. Kristi and Joe love that the business has become a family affair where their kids can get involved.

"When they drop it off I get to see all the videos of the kids running on it and it looks so fun," said their son Clint.

Kristi emphasizes that you do not need to have a gigantic backyard to purchase obstacles from them. The Daly's can make any size backyard work with their equipment so that every family can have an opportunity to enjoy it.

On their website, you can choose from a range of obstacles like "ninja walls," ring swings, monkey bars, climbing obstacles, and can have one or many installed. Joe offers contactless delivery where he will drive over with the equipment and install it wherever the customer desires.

Their traditional colors of the obstacles come in red, white, and blue. However, Kristi and Joe can add custom colors as well to match whatever the customer wants for their order.

Born Again Backyards, also offers an option where you can rent an obstacle course if you do not wish to purchase. Rentals are for an entire day and are delivered using strict social distancing measures. Before and after each rental, obstacles are disinfected as well as sanitized.

Kristi and Joe are looking forward to more families taking advantage of their backyards this summer.

They hope their obstacle equipment will entertain families and boost their kid's confidence with the challenges their new custom-made equipment will give them.


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