EXCLUSIVE: Queens break-in victim speaks about losing nearly everything

JAMAICA, Queens (WABC) -- A family is distraught after losing their jewelry, money and valuable documents following a break-in in Queens.

They are the latest victims in a string of robberies in the area. In some cases the family is home, but that doesn't stop the thieves.

Police are trying to determine if the crimes are connected.

One family that lost almost everything, spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News Reporter Lucy Yang.

There isn't much left of their back door after brazen thieves broke into their Jamaica home.

"They got away with everything that's valuable. Money, jewelry, documents, deeds to house, everybody's personal info," the victim's girlfriend said.

Back on October 12th, in broad daylight, three men tore into their home and ransacked the bedrooms. They took everything of value. But then they found a safe screwed to the floor. In a matter of minutes, Eyewitness News is told they waddled out of the house with the large safe still bolted to planks of wood. Surveillance images were captured on a neighbors' camera.

"Their livelihood. Everything they came here was snatched. Process to get back is difficult. Your birthday certificate, passport, marriage license. Don't know how much goes into getting back," she said.

The victims reached out to us after they saw a report on Eyewitness News about two similar home invasions last weekend.

On Saturday, in Hollis, Queens, police say one man pretended to be delivering a package. Once the door was opened by the child inside, two more men forced their way in.

The video shows the father bravely pushed them out of his home, but authorities say one of the men shot the father in the leg with a BB or pellet gun. He is expected to recover.

Then on Sunday, a similar robbery in south ozone park. 2 young girls were left terrified as 3 men ransacked their house.

Tuesday night, this victim from October believes her home invasion is too similar to be a coincidence.

"They were in and out in 20 minutes and took everything," the victim said.

Police have linked the two from this weekend as a pattern robbery in South Queens, where immigrant families are targeted. Families who might be more likely to keep cash at home. Detectives are now reviewing all other recent robberies in the area to see if they are linked as well.
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