Cold case murder mystery in death of elderly Brooklyn woman

Friday, November 11, 2016
Cold case murder mystery in death of elderly Brooklyn woman
Tim Fleischer reports from Brownsville on the mysterious death of a elderly woman

BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- It happened a little more than a year ago, and still no one has been arrested in the death of an elderly woman in a Brooklyn apartment building. Family members are in search of answers.

The mystery continues: who would want to harm Myrtle McKinney?

"That's my mother. Anyone who has a mother would do anything they can to find out what's going on," said Mark Lewis, the victim's son.

Lewis spoke to Eyewitness News on Facetime and still hopes police find a suspect.

"It's probably someone that my mother was familiar with or was in the building, that's they only way because there was no forced entry or anything," Lewis said.

Myrtle was last seen at her Brownsville apartment in early November of 2015.

Patricia Goodman, Myrtle's home health care aid, who Eyewitness News spoke to at the funeral, was the last to see her.

She went to check on Myrtle.

"I was knocking on the door and could not get an answer and I was very worried. I knew something was wrong," Goodman said.

Police were called and when they entered the apartment they found Myrtle in the kitchen.

Patricia was suspicious.

"I discovered her. She was under the table. I didn't like the way it was," Goodman said.

EMS pronounced her dead, and at first it was believe she died of natural causes.

"The detectives are the ones who should have been there, but no one came," Lewis said.

Her body was kept in a city mortuary for a month before she was sent to Caribbean Funeral Services where a knife wound was found on the back of her neck.

Her death was later ruled a homicide.

"By the time the report came in that it was a murder, we had already moved everything. Had we would have known, I would have just left the furniture. At least they could have had more clues," Lewis said.

That has left Lewis still searching for answers.

"Give me something. Do you have a lead? Where are we at right now?" Lewis said.