News blues: 7 On Your Side helps solve newspaper delivery debacle

LODI, New Jersey (WABC) -- It's just a few feet but it may as well be a mile for Louise Cangialosi to get her newspaper.

"Its a pain in the you know, rear. Because I have to hold this cane to get down," she explained, showing us her cane.

Getting her paper was never a problem before.

Her newspaper, The Record, was delivered right to her and her late husband's Lodi, New Jersey door since the 1950s.

"They use to throw it on your front stoop. Even the paper boy would throw in on the stoop with the little wagon," Louise said. "You knew it was there because you hear the paper hit the door."

Times changed, but her delivery never did. For decades, it was always right there. Until last week. It was dropped by the deliveryman on the sidewalk. Louise had to gingerly climb up and down her front stairs.

That's a problem because since last spring the once-spry senior took a fall and hurt her hip. Now she uses a cane and a handicapped tag on her car.

"I had fallen once going for the newspaper," recalled Louise. "It was slippery out and the paper was way out in the street."

This past week when the deliveryman started tossing it on the sidewalk the line-dance loving lady with an impressive boot collection decided to kick up some dust.

"I'm not paying this paper for nothing," said Louise.

So, she called.

"I was on hold 45 minutes. No one answered. How do you not answer the newsroom for 45 minutes?" she wondered.

Then, she faxed a letter to the president and editor. She got fax confirmation that both letters were sent and received, but four days later, no news from the news.

"I think (getting back to me) is common courtesy," said Louise.

So we called The Record with Louise's delivery dilemma.

"This company, we care," said a Record rep.

The Record representative said it never got Louise's faxes or phone calls saying it would've gotten back to Louise had they heard from her. They said they didn't find out about this issue until last Monday. The Record delivered. The paper put in its place. Plus, a personal phone call verifying door delivery.

"You made one old lady happy!" said Louise.

For the record, The Record said it works quickly to resolve issue any customer issues right away, saying they first learned of Louise's complaint on Monday, and then rectified it the very next day,

Statement from The Record:

"The Record takes every communication with our valued customers seriously. The Record first heard of the complaint regarding the location of the newspaper delivery on Monday, October 9, 2017. Our Customer Care department issued a request to resume newspaper delivery to the customer's front stoop. On Tuesday, October 10, Customer Care records show that a voicemail was left with the customer, confirming delivery was indeed on the front stoop as requested. Confirmation of delivery to the address in question also was documented via a photo on Tuesday, October 10. While there is no record of faxes received by the publisher or editor, who regularly respond to customers via phone, email and on social media, and would have responded immediately, our policy is to act quickly to resolve any issues. This was the case with our customer, and the situation was rectified the next day."
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