Making lemon laws work for you when you purchase a car

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. (WABC) -- After purchasing an extended warranty from the dealer where she bought her car, Josephine Barry was told to bring it in because it had to be marked for the warranty ID.

They got a little more than they bargained for.

Acid ate away the paint on their car, a car they were taking steps to protect!

It went in perfectly fine and came out with an ugly safety hazard in several places.

The double row of digits for the ID number is on five out of six windows, including those on the passenger side. There are also some splash marks where the person who etched the marking sloppily let acid eat away the paint!

"I have to look around to make sure I see clear," said Barry. "I thought, oh my god, what is this? My god, this is all wrong."

But when she took the car back the next day, she said she was told to see several managers. "I wasn't getting anywhere."

Barry's was offered car service in exchange for the ruined paint. "They tried to give me like four years service or give me some money for gas you like to put gas in the car and I said no, I want my window changed."

Staten Island Nissan's general manager said he wouldn't fix anything, so Eyewitness News visited the dealership.

All five windows were replaced, the paint repaired and Barry finally had a clear view of the road.

The big takeway here, when you bring a car in for any work:

Get an estimate in writing.
Diagram detail work.
Get the manager's signature.
Keep a list of repairs.

These are important tips to follow to take advantage of lemon law. You'll need to prove the vehicle was brought in for the same problem to qualify for repurchase.
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