SUV crashes into store in Tremont section of the Bronx

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Driver goes out of control, slams into Bronx bodega
Jim Dolan has the latest on an SUV that backed into a store in the Bronx Tuesday.

TREMONT (WABC) -- An SUV crashed into a store in the Bronx Tuesday afternoon, but luckily no one was seriously hurt.

The vehicle backed into the Garden Gourmet Deli at 627 East Tremont Avenue in the Tremont section.

EMS says two people were treated with minor injuries.

The driver told police he just couldn't stop the car, and that is how it looked to shocked eyewitnesses, some of whom were showered with shattered glass.

"All of a sudden I heard an explosion, extremely loud, and all of a sudden the flying glass, I was thrown to the ground," said eyewitness Milton Chirelli. "I'm not a religious man but perhaps I'll go to church this Sunday."

Surveillance video taken from next door showed the SUV backing up into the store as glass breaks and crashes to the ground, on a street packed with pedestrians and traffic.

"I don't know how nobody got hurt. Two-way street, bicycles, kids, carriages and all the traffic here and no one got hurt. It's a blessing from up above," said one woman.

Witnesses said the driver's foot got caught on the accelerator.

Tarica Dash saw it from the very beginning. "Backed up, and I guess he thought he had it in drive, and it went into the store," she said.

"It sounded like somebody dropped a sheet of glass on the floor somewhere and just heard the shatter, and everybody popped to look. The truck was into the store," said eyewitness Steven Berry.