Allegedly drunk driver crashes through barriers at Lincoln Tunnel

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Friday, May 1, 2015
SUV driven by drunk driver through barriers at Lincoln Tunnel

NEW YORK CITY, NY (WABC) -- Police arrested a man who they say drove drunk and crashed through barriers at the Lincoln Tunnel Friday morning.

Police say a 2004 GMC SUV driven by Mario H. Saldana, 34, of the Bronx, entered the closed south tunnel in Weehawken just before 2:30 a.m.

He was driving at a high rate of speed after being signaled that the entrance was closed by Port Authority Police for maintenance.

The SUV continued through the tunnel and crashed through the closed gate at the exit of the south tunnel in Manhattan.

Port Authority police found the vehicle disabled north of 57th Street on the West Side Highway. The suspect was in the driver's seat with the engine still running.

The SUV showed heavy front-end damage and smoke, with anti-freeze emanating from the vehicle.

PAPD officers interviewed Saldana, whose eyes were bloodshot, and could smell a strong odor of liquor about his person.

The suspect admitted to drinking and asked the officer if he had hit something.

He was arrested and taken into custody for DWI and other charges.