Dog attacked by pit bull dumped from car by driver in New Jersey neighborhood

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Thursday, June 7, 2018
Pit bull dumped from car attacks dog in NJ
Josh Einiger reports on the dog attack in Carlstadt.

CARLSTADT, New Jersey (WABC) -- It was a wild scene in a New Jersey neighborhood when someone dropped off a pit bull, and the animal attacked a dog being walked by its owner.

Gavin is one lucky dog and so is his owner, Doreen Currery.

"It was scary," she said. "It was traumatic and I just can't believe this happened."

She and Gavin were enjoying the afternoon on Monday, going for a walk in their Carlstadt neighborhood, when a surveillance camera picked up the horror that followed: another dog off its leash, and on the attack.

"He just bolted. Just bolted," said Currery.

The dog sank its teeth into Gavin. Doreen and a neighbor separated the animals, but where did the aggressor come from?

"I just hope they catch these people," said Doreen's husband Brian. He scoured his own video system and spotted a dark-colored car cruising the neighborhood when suddenly, the passenger door opens and out jumps that dog, and the owner drives away.

"If they don't want a dog you just bring it to a shelter," said Doreen. "It could be a lot worse, it could have been one of the little kids in the neighborhood. I just hope they get this guy."

Gavin has a few stitches. He's pretty nervous but he'll be okay. His owners want the dog's owner to pay.

"You come to Carlstadt, we're gonna catch ya. That's it," said Brian.

The dog is now in custody of animal control, its future unclear as police hunt for the driver who dumped him.


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