'Dancing cop' directing traffic, delivering smiles in New Jersey

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020
'Dancing cop' directs traffic, delivers smiles in NJ
This traffic control cop has been keeping people and smiling for 55 years.

SOUTH ORANGE, New Jersey -- A traffic control officer has been keeping people in New Jersey safe -- and entertaining -- for more than 55 years.

Ed "Butch" Larkin is known as the "dancing cop."

"I do all kinds of moves; left, right around the back, I do everything," Larkin said. "I give 110% when I go out there."

He is 79, but he started working at the intersection of Scotland Road and South Orange Avenue in South Orange at age 23.

"Affectionately, he's the dancing cop," Lieutenant Eric Moore said. "Everyone recognizes him when they come through town and I think people look forward to it."

"It's a welcoming mat for South Orange," another officer said.

Larkin's dance moves include the "pop-snap," "getcha go," "chop-chop," "finger flap" and the "lean back chop."

"He's got a great heart, but he's just magic when he's back there," an area resident said.

Larkin says he'll continue directing traffic -- and delivering smiles -- until he can no longer give 110%.