'I'm not throwing away my shot': New York City doctor sings in viral vaccine PSA

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A New York City doctor's take on a popular song is getting the attention of people all over the city, and the hospital he works for.

In this rendition of the well-loved tune from "Hamilton," "I'm not throwing away my shot," the words are used as a call to get vaccinated.

This version was written by Mount Sinai Emergency Room Dr. Chris Hahn, who was overjoyed to get his vaccine.

"To me, this was the equivalent of landing on the moon in terms of the scientific achievement, phenomenal," said Dr. Hahn, ER Physician at Mount Sinai Morningside.

The 36-year-old was so enthusiastic he decided to rap about it, writing the lyrics during his commute to work.

"I basically put the beat on in my car and make things up as I go," he said.

In fact, when Dr. Hahn teaches other residents, it's often through rap. He has another video about nerve blocks.

His own vaccine video is five minutes long and Mount Sinai turned it into a public service announcement.

"You know we're all links in the chain," Dr. Hahn said. "If you have one of those links that's protected and can stop the spread to all the other people who've been downstream even one person can make a big difference."

Dr. Hahn is currently taking time off from the ER to be with his wife and their fourth child who was born three weeks ago.

But for him, and all frontline workers, it has been an incredibly challenging year filled with loss.

"Having the joy of the music, does that help you compartmentalize all the tragedy you witness?" Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg asked.

"For me and a lot of people I work with having some type of creative outlet is really important," Dr. Hahn said. "Having an outlet is definitely helpful."

His creative outlet is offering the musical hook that could convince others to get vaccinated.

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