Meet the Midtown doctor helping Broadway stars stay healthy

Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Meet the Midtown doctor helping Broadway stars stay healthy
Sandy Kenyon reports on the ear, nose, and throat doctor who has become known for caring for Broadway performers.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Many of us require an ear, nose and throat doctor once in a while, especially during flu season. But for Broadway performers, a good doctor is crucial -- and for singers in musicals, such a specialist is essential.

For actors and singers here in the city, Dr. Linda Dahl is an ENT in Midtown who many rely upon to help keep their voices in great shape.

Broadway actor Derrick Baskin says his success depends on his voice, and the performer has come to depend on Dr. Dahl.

In fact, he credits her with helping him to earn a Tony nomination this year for his starring role in "Ain't Too Proud."

"The show's very strenuous physically, emotionally and spiritually," Baskin said. "So the physical aspects of that, Dr. Dahl, she kind of helps maintain the voices that we need to use to convey the stories that we're telling."

An exam using a laryngoscope is followed by a shot of vitamin B12, and relief when all is good.

"What I like about her is that she's not the kind of person that says, 'OK what's wrong? Let me just give you a bunch of drugs,'" Baskin said. "Like, she really cares about the individual."

Baskin was introduced to Dr. Dahl by his "Ain't Too Proud" co-star and fellow Tony nominee, Ephraim Sykes.

"I actually first found her when I was doing 'Hamilton,'" Sykes said.

Sykes was in the original ensemble, and the stars were being treated by Dr. Dahl.

"She's truly a lover of us, and of the whole theater community, that's how she approaches her medicine," Sykes said.

For her part, Dr. Dahl returns the compliments of the performers.

"They're just wonderful, grateful, gracious and really compliant," Dr. Dahl said. "They do everything I say."

Through it all, the doctor never forgets who the star is -- and it's not her.

"I feel lucky that I'm in the environment that I have a skill set that can support them in the magnificent talent they have," Dr. Dahl said.


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