Librarian leaves behind $4M donation to college

The University of New Hampshire just got a very generous $4 million gift from an alum.

That doesn't seem like very big news until you find out that alum spent his career- almost 50 years - working there as the librarian.

He is a librarian who lived humbly, saved every penny and gave it all back to his alma mater-turned-employer when he passed.

Robert Morin passed away at 77 years old.

He worked in the library as a cataloguer and had a deep love for the school.

They plan to use the money to spruce up the library, of course, and for scholarships in his name.

"He was an very active part of the library, very active part of the campus, so we are trying to create some memories of him and his much appreciated gifts," Tara Lynn Fulton, Dean of the University Library at UNH, said.

They say that $4 million was pretty much his whole life savings that he earned there at the school. null
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