Violent attack on Irvington school security guard caught on camera

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Lucy Yang has the details from Irvington. (WABC)

There was an attack on a school security guard by a group of students.

It happened in Irvington, New Jersey and now the community is outraged by the bad behavior.

The video, graphic and violent, was posted on Facebook last week then reposted by community activist Tony Herbert, who was outraged by what he saw. He is not alone.

The attack appears to take place inside the cafeteria at Irvington High School in New Jersey.

You can see a group of girls slap, punch, and kick a security guard.

Other men tried to help, but for the moment that was captured it was a free-for-all.

Residents were disgusted to see this kind of brawl, especially inside school.

"Wow, that's really sad. Not even safe in your own school. Sad, really sad," said Tina Davis, an Irvington resident.

It's not clear what started the attack, or if the students were ever punished.

Sadly, this is not the first time a group of girls have turned violent.

Just Monday, a 14-year-old admitted in court her involvement in a vicious attack at McDonald's last month, where a pack of girls savagely descended on a lone victim. That video went viral.

Monday's court plea was followed by the teenager being sentenced to a group home.

As shocking as these videos are, sadly, they seem to keep surfacing: different names, different backdrops, same violence.

"Girls always fight," said Pria Bennett, Irvington High School alumni. "No, not surprised at all."

"That's the mindset they go off into the world with. It's the parents' fault," said Jonathan Escobar, a resident.

"I think it's very rude what they did to him, bust up on him," said Steven Escobar, Irvington High School alumni.

A statement from the superintendent Monday afternoon indicates they are investigating this fight and hope to interview all involved. So far, there are no reports of any of the girls being punished.
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