Man rigged door to electrocute pregnant wife, deputies say

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

PALM COAST, Florida -- A man in Florida is under arrest for allegedly trying to electrocute his pregnant wife.

According to deputies, Michael Wilson booby-trapped the door of his wife's home in Palm Coast, Fla., hoping to injure or kill his estranged spouse.

He had already changed his Facebook relationship status to "widowed."

Investigators told WJXT that the Wilsons separated a few weeks ago. Authorities said while Michael Wilson's wife visited family for Christmas in Tennessee, he went into the home, turned off the security cameras, stole a gun and built the trap.

Deputies said he connected wires to the home electrical system and connected the trap to a backup battery charger in case the home lost power, WJXT reported.

He then called his wife, insisting she use the front door when she returned home, but keep their child away from the door. She got suspicious and asked officers to check the house.

Flagler County Sheriff's Office Chief Steve Brandt told WJXT he believes this is the first booby trap officers encountered in the county's history.

When officers arrived, they kicked down the door and the trap went off.

"That was just instinct in the deputy responding. Something didn't seem right," Brandt said. "The deputy was really quite lucky."

Deputies say Michael Wilson left for Knoxville, Tenn., where he was eventually arrested.

He faces charges of attempted aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, as well as stealing a weapon.