Investigators: Bronx DA drops murder charges after surveillance video clears man

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Murder charges have been dropped against a man in the Bronx accused of a brutal stabbing.

The Bronx District Attorney announced Friday that all charges against Javier Enger will be dropped.

He was accused of stabbing Hansell Arias to death in the Claremont section in 2012.

Our investigation last month revealed a video withheld by the prosecution that revealed Javier likely had no role in the stabbing. It shows the victim running away from his attackers seconds after he was stabbed, and Javier is not in the chase but standing off to the side.

We also reported how, while Javier sat in a Rikers Island cell for two years, the district attorney never tested the victim's finger nails for DNA. After intense family pressure, the DNA was tested and found negative, proving Javier was not the source.

"We have six witnesses, spoken to them, recorded them, as to who the murderers are," said Manuel Gomez, a private investigator. "Not only that, I've also given the addresses of the suspected killers, as well, and pictures. And nothing has been done."

He says with six eyewitnesses naming the same guy as the killer, he wonders why the District Attorney has still not issued an arrest warrant.

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