Sandy Kenyon sits down with cast of 'Suicide Squad'

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Thursday, August 4, 2016
Sandy Kenyon sits down with cast of 'Suicide Squad'
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Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon has the details.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- The highly anticipated "Suicide Squad," about a team of super villains joined together for a top secret mission, is expected to be box office gold this upcoming weekend.

The all-star cast includes Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Viola Davis, and Sandy Kenyon sat down with them to talk about the making of the film.

Davis' character, Amanda Waller, is even less compassionate than the professor who teaches her law students "How to Get Away with Murder," and to play her, the star recalled how she had been bullied as an child.

"I mean, I would be chased by eight to 10 boys," she said. "I'd run now, but then I'd stop at an opportune moment, chuck 'em the finger, put my bootie in the air and tell them to kiss it."

Harnessing crack killer Deadshot (Smith), psycho shrink Harley Quinn (Robbie) and the rest of this crazy crew is the job of Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag.

In this universe, where Ben Affleck's Batman makes a cameo, the enemy is The Joker, played by Jared Leto.

Smith even got hurt for real while training for his role.

"It was a serious muscle tear," director David Ayers said.

Ayer insisted all his actors undergo intense physical training and a month of rehearsals that resembled group therapy.

"Doing the physical stuff makes you feel stronger, and doing the psychotherapy stuff makes you like fall to pieces," Robbie said. "It's a very vulnerable place to be, and I don't like feeling vulnerable or weak."

Still, they felt it was all worth the effort.

"It was tough, but I think we've all grown as actors and as people through this process," Smith said. "I think it helps people feel it when you watch it. You see it on camera. You can feel the camaraderie."

"Suicide Squad" hits theaters nationwide on Friday.